Monthly Archives: April 2016

Machines ‘n Notions – Broken Threads in Oz!

Broken Threads,  needle woes & skipped stitches – oh, MY! You’ve been sewing along, living a happy life when Suddenly, the thread just keeps breaking! Or you’ve got skipped stitches or maybe it’s the needle that’s breaking for no apparent reason.  Let’s talk about some of the possible culprits and work on Finding Solutions in Oz…or right at home! We’ll talk about… Read more »

Jots from Jane – Finding Courage

You have this fuzzy vision of what you’d love to create, but… You’re afraid well, good news!  Let’s challenge ourselves today to get past fear and get going! I used to tell my kids ‘I already know who is going to win that part in the school play! Someone that tries out for it!’ So, pick a project, or even just the next… Read more »

Ezy Additions – Ruffled Mesh Jabot

I love the way an idea progresses from the first thought to a final completion. Recently an online friend was asking for advice on how to make ruffles like those in this Weissman brand dance costume (their photo): I started searching for methods or patterns and I got all excited about sheer ruffles of all varieties! Turns out, Rachel Chambers… Read more »

Custom Challenge…Motorcycle Jacket (Jane likes RED)

  Love this little outfit? Want to make a similar costume yourself? Here’s the Lifeline of a custom order… I love to take on custom projects. It can be very rewarding. If you’re in the business of sewing doll clothes you may be contemplating accepting custom orders. Perhaps a friend has asked you to make something special and you’re feeling apprehensive…. Read more »

Problem Solving – Hemline Help

Your project is nearly done. You decide to finish your hemline by machine and it just looks AWFUL! Maybe the stitching is inferior, crooked or twisted. Maybe it just looks…too plain. Let’s think through some possible solutions. First of all, Not what you expected me to suggest? It’s sometimes quicker and easier to fix it the right way. Take out the… Read more »

Pulling outfits together – Move Over Cinderella

Separates for dolls can present a new set of problems. While young girls have little hesitation in putting outfits together, their mother’s and grandmothers seem to struggle when purchasing separates. Many dolls do not own a complete closet of optional separate pieces, either. If you’re sewing for a special customer in your life you may know more about what she has or… Read more »

Jots from Jane – One New Thing

Want to increase your sewing skill the easy way?  Here’s an idea my mother came up years ago that I’ve used to great success. At the time, we were 3 ladies living and sewing together; my 50-something mother, my sister & myself. Mom said: With each sewing project let’s try ONE new thing! Maybe a new technique we read about…something Nancy Zieman did… Read more »

Problem Solving – too big/poor fabric choice

So, you start with a pattern: Simplicity 4786 And an idea, the coat shown in the middle. Of course I didn’t want to use fleece I had this cool eye-lash fabric in a tie-dyed yellow/pink blend. I should have known it didn’t have the necessary body. When it was finished it was Really Sad Completely limp Un-wearable…as a coat! BUT… Read more »