Announcing my newest pattern: The Super Skort +

 I am happy to announce the launch

of my newest pattern

for standard 18″ dolls.

Many of you know that I make

quite a lot

of custom Cheerleading uniforms

for dolls

to match the uniforms of

the little girls that own them!


Here’s a recent example:

The basis of nearly all of these uniforms

is a simple skort.

Just on the outside chance that you’re not familiar

with the term

A skort is a skirt with attached panties or shorts underneath.

Skorts can be worn for ever so many things,

not just cheerleading.

A skort is generally shorter than usual,

and often more fitted.

The problem, for me,

was that I did not find any skort patterns

available and the only suitable

Cheer-type skirts I found tended to be

rather dowdy or over-sized

when compared to current uniforms for real girls.

I began to draft my own pattern.

Here’s an early custom uniform:

 I sold a lot of these.

While the outer skirt has changed very little,

I’ve refined the spanky underneath for

a very nice fit.

I also examined an old skort of my daughter’s

and it inspired me to develop my

‘Invisible’ waistline method.

Look closely – there’s no separate waistband there!Besides a shorter length,

The pattern is cut such that the outer skirt fabric ‘rolls’

to the inside of the garment to form a smoother casing

for the waistline elastic.

like this;

Besides a shorter length, skorts are often more fitted

than a separate skirt might be.

It follows that the attached panty or short is snug fitting, too.

In the cheer world, panties worn

underneath, whether attached or not,

are often called ‘spankies’ ‘spanky shorts’ or ‘spanky pants’.

Here’s a closeup of what’s really going on:

You can see that my spanky pants have a modified boy leg.

I like to trim the leg openings with scallop edge

or pinkingshears, as shown in this picture.

These knit fabrics won’t ravel

and a hemmed edge would just add more bulk.

It would also take more time,

and I’m all about speedy sewing!

My sewing friends

have been asking for my skort pattern

for some time.

I’m happy to say that it’s finally available!

I couldn’t send Dolly out into the world

wearing only a skort!

The pattern also has instructions on a

skort with a standard waistband

separate skirts

separate spankies (that make great swim bottoms!)

and a bonus!

the Halteriffic tank top!

All of these pieces have variations

in lengths, waistbands, necklines and the like!

It’s not just for sport, either!

I really think you’re going to love it!

My girls sure do!

find the Super Skort Plus

in my etsy shop here:

JCD Super Skort Plus pattern

3 thoughts on “Announcing my newest pattern: The Super Skort +

  1. Linda Sevanick

    Jane, I love every pattern you have drafted and I am certain this one will also be used A LOT! Your bathing suit pattern in both American Girl and in Wellie Wisher sizes fits just wonderfully well and is easy to make. Your directions ensure another PHOOEY FREE sewing experience. Thank you for sharing your talents with others who just love to sew for dolls.

  2. Matching Doll Pajamas

    Thank you for the cute patterns.I am familiar with the dolls but don’t own any. They are very cute and are popular with some collectors. I have been lucky in finding some cute dolls at the thrift stores, but it doesn’t happen very often!


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