Book Review – ‘Doll Days’ plus Book Giveaway!


I’m excited to be part of the blog tour for a wonderful new book!

doll days cover

Doll Days, which features patterns for 18″ doll clothes

is written by Erin Hentzel.

Erin is the owner and designer of Avery Lane Patterns,

as well as a

dear Facebook friend of mine.

I am thrilled to say this is her second book!

Her first book, ‘Sew in Style’

was geared towards kids learning to sew.

It featured a variety of garments and accessories for 18″ dolls

along with sewing definitions and basic ‘how-to’ information.

It’s a fabulous book and great for beginners of any age

interested in sewing for 18″ dolls.

The NEW book, features

“modern designs that are inspired by vintage looks”.

There are separates as well as some darling dresses.

The projects are a bit more advanced and the book assumes

knowledge of basic sewing skills.

I highly recommend the first book and feel this one

is a great follow-up.

Enter to win a free copy of ‘Doll Days’

Simply comment below and tell me why you need a copy!

I will randomly select and announce

one lucky winner on June 28, 2016.


(U.S. address will win a hard copy of the book; an international winner  will receive an e-book copy)

Naturally, I got right to work stitching up

a few garments to test these patterns out!

I fell immediately in love with the vintage party dress.

Here’s the first one I made:


 I added a band of wide bias tape around the waistline

and top that off with a row of rickrack.

Otherwise, I followed the pattern instructions as written.


The fit was great on Rebecca and the dress

is just as darling as I expected.

I liked the slightly more open neckline and

the sweet round collar.

I think I could have stretched my sleeve elastic more

during the application process.

As you can see, my finished sleeves are a bit loose.

In the end, I thought the look of them was cute!

The second pattern I chose was another dress,

the modern/vintage sundress.

This dress had several styling options to choose from.


I opted for navy and white pin dots.

Some looped rope cording from the drapery department

gave this a decidedly nautical look.

Again – another excellent pattern. Easy to navigate the instructions

and the final look and fit are wonderful!

I cut my straps a little wider to accommodate the cording.

I also added the red knotted ‘scarf’ at the front.

This is nothing but a rectangle cut on the bias &

seamed with angled ends. I tied a knot, &

tacked it in place with a few hand stitches.

Outfits this cute deserve cute undergarments, too.

IMG_9208 (3)

I get lots of requests for panties in particular

so I decided to give the camisole set a whirl.

I thought Erin’s instructions were stellar!

She explains cutting your fold over elastic a bit longer

than the finished edge,

so that the ends of the foe can be used as ‘handles’.

This is a tip I’ve previously found very useful,

as these elastics can be ‘fiddly’ to work with.

Here’s the finished set, embellished with an

iron on applique from JoAnn fabrics.


Don’t these little panties fit fantastically well?

These won’t be ‘bunchy’ under any of her clothes!

What to sew next?

It’s difficult to choose!

Sewing friends tell me that the shorts are

particularly fabulous!

The scallop edging on the skirt looks awesome, too.

Thorough instructions should make this specialized look

much simpler to sew!

If you are sewing for a recently made American Girl brand doll

you will find the fit to be perfection!

Options abound for embellishment.

Instructions are excellent.

What more could you ask for?

Here is the full listing of the blog tour with dates.

Be sure and visit any you missed, Erin has included some

wonderful pattern additions among them!

Well, shucks! What if you don’t win a free copy?

Purchase your copy from Erin at

or on etsy at

or even through amazon here:

Thanks Erin, for a wonderful book!

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41 thoughts on “Book Review – ‘Doll Days’ plus Book Giveaway!

  1. Julie

    Oh! What a delightful book! I love the vintage look while keeping the dresses quite contemporary in style as well! I really need this one!!

    1. Jane Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed the outfits I made. It’s a great book. Yes, you will find the instruction for the fold over elastic easier. I suggest incorporating the method of leaving ‘tails’ on either end for other applications as well.

  2. Karen

    I need this book!! The patterns are adorable. I can’t wait to make the dresses, the blouse and skirt, and even the undergarments. I’ve yet to try fold over elastic (foe) and this looks like a great pattern to try it out on. Jane, your outfits are so cute!!!

  3. Paula Allen

    Looks like some really cute outfits. I am always on the lookout for new patterns and ideas. Have used Sew in Style over and over again. I think these pattern would make great additions to the outfits I already have. Thank you.

  4. Bonnie Schultz

    I’d love to win a copy of this awesome book!
    My dolly’s are in need of some new clothes, and I can tell these are the bomb!

  5. Elizabeth Bay

    I’d like to use the doll patterns to sewn up some dresses & play clothes for my granddaughters doll.

  6. Marilyn

    One can never have too many 18″ doll patterns. The samples look like the outfits and vintage with a modern twist. I would love to be the owner of this book.

  7. Jennifer G

    The doll clothes are so cute! The navy and white dress is my favorite. I’d love to be entered for a chance to win the book. Thanks.

  8. Laura T

    This book is so adorable! I need this book just because it is so adorable, but also to dress my little friends in style! Oh, I guess I could make a few things for my daughter’s dolls as well! :0)

  9. Rosalind Gutierrez

    I bought an 18″ doll at a thrift shop but she has no clothes so the book would make our day.

  10. Jaci

    Yes! I would love to win this book to give to my grandaughter who is just learning to sew with Erin’s first book “Sew in Style.” It would be the perfect compliment!!

  11. Kara Stevens

    I really need this book! I love Erin’s work have her first book and want to make sure I get this one too. The outfits are adorable, her instruction are always so easy to follow! Pick me! Pick me!

    1. Jane Post author

      I am excited to hear that several of you are planning to sew with girls! I was 10 when i started and I think this is a great opportunity! Don’t forget that Erin’s first book, ‘Sew in Style’ is perfect for learning, too! To toot my own horn just a little, my ‘Double Take’ pattern is an awesome pattern for beginners! You end up with 2 outfits in one and you’ve finished before there’s time to get discouraged or tired! you can find it in my etsy shop.

  12. Julie B

    I’d love to win Erin’s book. We both like to teach kids to sew and her book has great ideas for the kids.

  13. Linda Muszynski

    I loved her first book and would love to have a copy of the new one,
    my grand daughter is coming in August for camp Grandma and Grandpa
    and I was thinking of teaching her how to sew for her dollies.

  14. Cheryl R

    “Wow! Grandma’s getting good at this!”
    “Grandma, can you make matching clothes for me?”
    I need this book to make fabulous doll outfits for my granddaughters and get those reactions.

  15. Paige

    Making dolls clothes is one of my favorite things to do. I need this book so I can make the cute outfits and bring a huge smile to my daughter’s face.

  16. Sonya Hill

    My mom and I both have scraps and trimmings galore just waiting to be put to use for these adorable doll dresses.

  17. apple blossom

    I need a copy of this book so I can sew my daughters some AG dolls’ clothes. Awesome giveaway. thanks for the chance to win

  18. Fay Goin

    I have been sewing sibce I was 8, I absolutely love to sew for dolls. ..and kids, but doll for sutr. I would love this book to add some really fun updated vintage, these look great! Sometimes updated vintage just looks old, these look terrific.

  19. Kathy h

    Such cute clothes. It sounds like there are some good ideas for sewing them easier. Those little clothes are often hard to make.

  20. Yonda Grinslade

    Love Erin’s other book and love the cutes dresses and underwear too! Would love to win her second book.

  21. Chriss

    I so need a copy of this book! I’ve only been sewing for dolls for about a year now, mainly making patterns for and sewing tiny versions of things that I make for myself or my niece with the leftover fabrics. I’m trying to broaden my horizons a bit and try sewing more styles beyond just what I have in my own closet. I think the vintage styles in this book will work beautifully with the novelty fabrics I use in my doll sewing! Unfortunately I really can’t afford to buy a copy right now, but I’d love to win one!

  22. Monica

    The things you hav made are so cute. I would love a chance to win this book. I have a young granddaughter that I need to start seeing doll clothes for.

  23. Lisa C.

    So many cute ideas! I’d love to win this book. As a crafter, I’m always looking for different patterns to sew up. Erin is so creative. So are you!

  24. Bernadette Webre

    Like the idea of heloing my granddaughter make these. Can always use new ideas and patterns. Thanks for iffering the free book.

  25. Penny

    Love the camisole set!
    I have loads of patterns already, but hearing that the patterns in this book are sized for the newer dolls has me convinced that I NEED this book. I’m dressing 26 dolls this year for Christmas gifts to girls in need and the dolls are a bit on the thin side; this book could be very handy!

  26. Josie

    I think this book would really help me in adding that “extra something” that will jazz up all of the outfits I sew, in addition to all of the cute patterns it has.

  27. Margaret Schindler

    What lovely clothes you did with these patterns. I am loving all the patterns. Thanks for the chance to win

  28. Judith Martinez

    This book would be so wonderful! I would love to make underwear for my daughters’ dolls! I’m so impressed wth the detail.


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