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Blueberry Oat Muffins – Yum!

I would prefer to just SEW all the time. Only problem is? I get hungry! Tis the season for fresh fruit specials! That inspires me to eat more fruit. Nothing better than a blueberry muffin, especially when the blueberries were¬†delightfully¬†inexpensive! This is a recipe adapted from an old Country Living magazine. They started out lower in fat, the recipe called… Read more »

Super Quick ‘Cheater’s Fudge – time for Christmas!

Don’t we all get super busy at the holidays? I hope you’ve been busy sewing! I know I have; so many custom cheer uniform orders this year! I scarcely have time to make any goodies but I was intrigued by a recipe idea I saw on Pinterest. Here is the first pin link I found: Only 2 ingredients to… Read more »

Chocolate Chip Cookies – We can’t sew ALL the time!

I’m not much of a cook but every now and again you just have to make yourself some treats! Just as I specialize in easier methods in sewing I also appreciate recipes in which the end product is more than the sum of the parts! A recent chocolate chip cookie recipes fits the bill. With just a few little tweaks,… Read more »