Coming Soon – Ezy T for Squirts and Darlings

Is the Janie Carroll Designs Ezy T one of your favorite

patterns for 18″ full-bodies dolls, such as

the American Girl brand doll?

If not, check it out here:

JCD Ezy T for 18″ dolls

Want to know more?

The Ezy T is a simplified T-shirt pattern

where the sleeves are cut all-in-one with the body.

PicMonkey Collage poodle

This makes for quick cutting, smooth sewing and a lovely

open area perfect for your favorite embellishments.

Choose from 5 different garment lengths from crop tops

PicMonkey Collage Stephanie1

to above the knee dress length and everything in between.

PicMonkey Collage Kitty knits

Pick from several sleeve lengths. Combine these options

for endless varieties.

All with no messy armhole seams!

Here are just a few of my favorite Ezy T’s over the years.

 PicMonkey Collage Jadore PicMonkey Collage Memorial PicMonkey Collage Paris3 PicMonkey Collage Pink Christmas PicMonkey Collage plaid PicMonkey Collage Princess Thing PicMonkey Collage Rodeo Ladybug PicMonkey Collage Royals2a PicMonkey Collage Schoolgirl PicMonkey Collage skirt supplementa PicMonkey Collage skirts PicMonkey Collage Snow Kittens PicMonkey Collage Spring PicMonkey Collage Step Aside PicMonkey Collage sweater PicMonkey Collage Tyrolean PicMonkey Collage Woods2

Wow, that’s a lot of Favorites!

Did you see some collars, overlays and skirts?

You’re looking at extras you get by purchasing the Bundle Pack.

it includes the original Ezy T pattern, as well as the Enhancement set and the Flirting with Skirts supplement.

It’s all sort of Mind-boggling!

and it’s getting even better!


The Ezy T Squirts and Darlings size!

This pattern will have 2 separate sizes.

Size A will fit your Wellie Wisher brand dolls, as well as the Hearts for Hearts Girls

Size B will fit smaller girls, such as the Little Darling and the Les Cheries dolls.

It’s all so exciting.

Here are just a few sample photos on these girls.

This should be available for purchase in about a week!

(Sorry, there is no enhancements pack or skirting supplement available for this size range.)

Enjoy! Photo credits will be fully listed in the pattern, thank you to all my patient testers

for invaluable feedback and awesome photos!

ezy t ww natashas gifts2 ezy t h4h horse jane Ezy T hip length WW natasahas gifts Ezy T hip WW by Julie Helmer ezy t ld mimi james2 Ezy T les cheries pam ray Ezy T ls low hip H4h Dana ezy t mimi james4 ezy t short tunic WW Dana Ezy T tunic by Kel ezy t ww jennifer chrispell


Watch for it soon!

Remember…just a few more days!

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