Disclosure Policy

Offering a blog comes with a hefty accountability factor.

Good thing I’m all about being accountable!

Here are my thoughts on disclosure…

PicMonkey Collage honesty

I have made a decision not to accept advertising on this blog.

If that ever changes, you’ll be notified here!

I will accept books, patterns or related items

for review purposes only

Regardless of the source,

my reviews will be un-biased

(Otherwise, they aren’t really helpful, are they?)

if you don’t want me to review honestly? Don’t ask for a review!

About photographs on this blog…

All un-credited photographs are mine.

All other items will be labeled with appropriate source credits. Some manufacturers photos

appear connected to links for purchase.

I am learning my way through the legalities of sharing photos and content from others

I want to give credit where it’s due, and avoid angst for myself and others!

Should your un-credited work appear here; please contact me.

I will remove such immediately.

The same goes for links to other blogs.

If you’d prefer your link not appear, I’ll be happy to remove it.

I do not receive any compensation for links or for mentioning products I like.

I have no affiliation to any product companies or doll companies.

I provide purchasing links for products to help you source things, because

I know how difficult it is to find stuff!

I provide links to informative posts or blogs from others

because I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel.

If a great article is out there, I prefer to share it with you!

If I haven’t used a product I will say so.

It is my sincerest hope that you will find this blog to be

a positive source of helpful information.