Jots from jane -Goals versus Plans

I’ve heard that Americans, in particular, are

very good at the immediate

but not the important.

What does that mean?

It means that we rush right home to see our favorite TV show

but we haven’t scheduled a health physical in three years.


John Lennon said:

it’s easy to set goals.

Goals are vague.

‘This year I want to have plenty of outfits for my holiday craft shows’.

Notice how there is nothing really concrete there?

It sounds good but there’s nothing that’s going to make that happen.

Goals must have plans attached to them.

Plans are specific activities that will make things happen!

Try different methods. Some people thrive on lots of structure.

Some don’t.

The cleaning expert, Don Aslett,

advises a running to-do list.

rather than a regimentally scheduled list.

The point is: Make some plans!

Plans might involve scheduling calendar time for sewing.

Making specific lists of fabrics that need purchased.

Days ear-marked for specific types of garments.

Goals are great, we should make them!

Don’t forget to make the plans

that will make your goals reality!

Dancing with the Stars is on Monday nights at 7.

Your life is happening every day.

Make sure that you’ve got a plan for it!

One thought on “Jots from jane -Goals versus Plans

  1. Debbie

    I so agree. I would be so lost without my planner and list these days. That is if I don’t lose my list! Also, love the top.


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