Remember this custom order?

Remember this little custom order dance outfit?


No? Well, you can read all about it in this early blog post:

Custom Challenge…Motorcycle Jacket (Jane likes RED)

The customer that ordered that also ordered this darling outfit

PicMonkey Collage pink lady 2Recently, I received a few photos from the customer,

who happens to be a good friend of mine.

I have permission to share and thought you’d enjoy seeing

the sweet little dancer that received these outfits.

m red biker

Could this match have gone any better? Could she be any cuter?

M pink lady

And then there’s this little pink number!

m pink lady2

Her Mama even added the matching crystal work and ‘Pink Ladies’

to the back of the jacket.

(I think they are telling secrets in this photo.)


Some days when you’re bent over the machine, tired and cranky

you wonder if what you’re doing is making anyone happy.

And then you find it

it is.

PicMonkey Image heart hooray

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