Super Quick ‘Cheater’s Fudge – time for Christmas!

Don’t we all get super busy at the holidays?

I hope you’ve been busy sewing!

I know I have; so many custom cheer uniform orders this year!

I scarcely have time to make any goodies but I was intrigued by

a recipe idea I saw on Pinterest.

Here is the first pin link I found:

Only 2 ingredients to make fudge?

Canned Frosting

and flavor chips of your choice.

It just didn’t seem possible!

After all,

my darling husband once managed to

fail at ‘no fail’ fudge!

And the ‘real’ kind can be so persnickety!

The slightest little issue

and it turns out grainy!

Could this tantalizing promise of easy fudge be true?

I went looking for other info and found this blog post:

It sounded too good to be true.

and just intriguing enough that I had to try it.

After debating the possibilities

I decided to try a combination of chocolate frosting and butterscotch chips.

I scooped the frosting into a bowl and zapped it for a minute and a half on power level 8.

Gave it a good stir and dumped in a full 12 oz. bag of butterscotch baking bits.

(Both my frosting and chips came from Aldi’s, in case you’re wondering)

Stirred vigorously for a minute or so, just to make sure those chips were melted thoroughly

and mixed in well.

Next, I tour off a piece of parchment paper

(which makes so many cooking and baking chores easier)

and lined an 8″ x 8″ glass baking dish with the paper.

Poured in the chocolate-ly goop,

which spread out beautifully all by it’s own-some.

It looked glossy and gorgeous

but slightly plain.

I fished around in the fridge

for a big ziploc bag I have of

chopped pecans

and sprinkled a large handful of the pecans

over the top of the fudge.

I tore off another little piece of the parchment and used that

to gently push the pecans into the surface of the fudge.

At this point I couldn’t remember if the fudge was supposed to go

into the fridge

so I went to check my laptop.

The phone rang and I got distracted

visiting with my Sister in Law.

When I hung up, after about half an hour,

I’m happy to report that the fudge was

mostly ‘set’, having been left on the counter.

I did stick it in the fridge to

firm it up a bit more.

After another half hour or so

I was able to lift the parchment right out of the pan

and cut the fudge into neat, tidy squares.


Isn’t it gorgeous?

I sampled some of the bumpy edges I trimmed off

and it’s delightfully fudgy and good!


I was amazed.

It has that rich, buttery texture and deep, rich taste

that one expects from fudge.

Be sure and click through to the links

I’ve attached.

So many flavor combos are possible.

You can sub in 2 cups of peanut butter for the 12 oz. bag of flavor chips

if you wish.

As easy as this is?

We’ll be able to keep sewing,

and wow the holiday company

at the same time!

4 thoughts on “Super Quick ‘Cheater’s Fudge – time for Christmas!

    1. Jane Post author

      Bless you! I’ll do that. I’m a big fan of quick, easy recipes that taste like more than the sum of their parts! This one fits the bill.Merry Christmas!

    1. Jane Post author

      I do not, Jane. So sorry! I believe there are a few out there. Let me see what I can suggest for you. I’ll answer back shortly! Sorry I did not see this until now!


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