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Jots from jane -Goals versus Plans

I’ve heard that Americans, in particular, are very good at the immediate but not the important. What does that mean? It means that we rush right home to see our favorite TV show but we haven’t scheduled a health physical in three years. OUCH! John Lennon said: it’s easy to set goals. Goals are vague. ‘This year I want to have plenty… Read more »

Jots from Jane – finding Joy

The fourth of July is one of those holidays that makes me feel thankful. In that mindset, I started thinking about mundane sewing chores. Mending. Sewing on buttons. Hemming. I often dread these tasks. They can seem so mundane. boring. ORDINARY. What if we choose to It’s all about our attitude. Enjoy the colors of your fabric. Admire the beauty… Read more »

Jots from Jane: Doubt

Ever wonder what happens inside the Designers mind? Do they just ‘magically’ know exactly what they want to do? Do they wake up at 3 am with well-formed, Fabulous ideas? Sometimes. and Sometimes not. Often the design process is the same for all of us. We start with a vague idea. Something triggers our desire to make something Unique Generally,… Read more »

Jots from Jane – Common Skills = Uncommon Results

How are you doing with the goal of learning something new with each project? I hope you’ve incorporated that concept into your sewing life! How about another idea for improvement? I find it difficult to settle myself down to the ordinary tasks of any project, such as: Cutting out the pattern Trimming and clipping seams and corners Pressing seams in construction Hemming… Read more »

Jots from Jane – Finding Courage

You have this fuzzy vision of what you’d love to create, but… You’re afraid well, good news!  Let’s challenge ourselves today to get past fear and get going! I used to tell my kids ‘I already know who is going to win that part in the school play! Someone that tries out for it!’ So, pick a project, or even just the next… Read more »

Jots from Jane – One New Thing

Want to increase your sewing skill the easy way?  Here’s an idea my mother came up years ago that I’ve used to great success. At the time, we were 3 ladies living and sewing together; my 50-something mother, my sister & myself. Mom said: With each sewing project let’s try ONE new thing! Maybe a new technique we read about…something Nancy Zieman did… Read more »