Today’s Projects – Sprinkler Season Pattern

Getting excited as the Sprinkler Season Pattern nears completion!

In the true Janie Carroll Designs ‘Ezy’ fashion, the Sprinkler Season suit is a quick stitch project.

This halter style swimsuit has just one main pattern piece!

Your doll better start looking for the towels and lounge chairs while you

fire up the sewing machine.

You’ll be done before she’s found her sunglasses!

Here’s the basic suit…

PicMonkey Collage Sprinkler

I’m having a tough time calling something this cute ‘Basic’

How about you?

Want to jazz it up even more?

Add a couple of rows of simple, circular ruffles!

I’ve done the geometry for you, and these flirty ruffles

fit the suit perfectly.

PicMonkey Collage Sprinkler Season Flamingo Collage

I’m working on the final instructions preview now.

The suit has been tested by my pattern team and given the stamp of approval!

A simple bow for the backside is on the drawing board…

Are you excited yet?

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