Jots from Jane: Doubt

Ever wonder what happens inside the Designers mind?

Do they just ‘magically’ know exactly

what they want to do?

Do they wake up at 3 am with well-formed,

Fabulous ideas?


and Sometimes not.

Often the design process is the same for all of us.

We start with a vague idea.

Something triggers our desire to make something


Generally, the first idea doesn’t have that much form,

and nothing about it feels sure.

How about this idea:

PicMonkey Collage dOUBTDon’t allow feelings of Doubt to sideline your ideas!

It can feel negative but that’s just fear talking!

Remember the first time you jumped into the swimming pool?

That was scary, too!

The unknown, or un-tested is always a little scary.

It could be that you’re poised for something great!

Jump in!

The water’s fine!

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