Jots from Jane – Common Skills = Uncommon Results

How are you doing with the goal of learning something new with each project?

I hope you’ve incorporated that concept into your sewing life!

How about another idea for improvement?

I find it difficult to settle myself down to the ordinary tasks

of any project, such as:

Cutting out the pattern

Trimming and clipping seams and corners

Pressing seams in construction

Hemming the (otherwise) finished garment

I want to speed right through these things and

get on with

something more fun

Still, these common things are essential to a final product that is

something to be proud of

PicMonkey Collage common things

Challenge yourself today to

 Improve your basic sewing skills

What do you need to do to make that happen?

Maybe you already know what needs done and all you need is a reminder to

Do your own best work!

If you’re a newbie to sewing, or you’ve been cruising along on auto-pilot for some time

you may benefit from some real ‘Sewing 101’

Let’s head to the sewing library for some review!

I recently grabbed this book off my shelf and

read it again. It’s been at least 10 years since I gave it more than a quick glance.

busy woman's sewing book

(stock photo from

I was surprised how many little tips I had largely forgotten!

This is geared largely to garment sewing, and not to doll clothing, but

it’s full of excellent tips, short cuts, and signature methods you may not have tried,

such as the advice on pre-shrinking fusible tricot interfacing, or

details on Nancy’s wrapped corner technique,

Did you know that you should sew vertical seams with the grain, and

stitch from bottom to top for best results?

This may be the book that inspired my own

use of the shell stitch, or the ‘picot edge stitch’ as I call it.

Nancy mentions it in this book!

It’s all good, and definitely worth your time!

Don’t have this gem, updated in 1988?

You should be able to find it through your local library,

along with several others books by

Nancy Zieman, a sewing author who has never disappointed me!

Not a book person?

Google or search on Pinterest or YouTube for tips to improve your workmanship

including many video clips featuring Nancy Zieman.

Take the time to do your common tasks well!

Do not pass ‘Go’! or you’ll never collect the proverbial $200!

Common tasks done well really do add up when you want uncommon results!

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