Jots from Jane – finding Joy

The fourth of July is one of those holidays

that makes me feel


In that mindset,

I started thinking about

mundane sewing chores.


Sewing on buttons.


I often dread these tasks.

They can seem so




What if we choose to

PicMonkey Collage JOY

It’s all about our attitude.

Enjoy the colors of your fabric.

Admire the beauty of those buttons.

Feel thankful that your hands are useful.

Rest in the quiet moments of gentle tasks.

3 thoughts on “Jots from Jane – finding Joy

  1. Linda Collier

    Janie, I have a hand injury (from an attempted homicide in 2001) that makes sewing on buttons and snaps, doing hems and any kind of hand work almost impossible. Being able to do all that you call “mundane” would be such a delight for me. Whenever anyone grumbles when faced with such a task, remember to thank the good Lord above that you are able to attempt the task. There are some of us out there who would give anything to be able to tackle those “mundane” jobs. Replace the grrrrrr with a smile!

    1. Jane Post author

      Bless your heart, Linda! Good reminders for sure. We all need to practice thankfulness for anything in our lives that is ordinary! It is a blessing.


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