Ezy T Squirts and Darlings pattern available NOW!

I am so happy to tell you that the

Ezy T Squirts and Darlings pattern

for your 13 to 14.5″ dolls

such as the Wellie Wishers

the Hearts for Hearts Girls

Dianna Effner’s Little Darlings

and the Les Cheries doll

is now for sale in my etsy shop.

This is the same great style you know and love for your 18″ dolls!

The pattern test team and I worked endlessly, perfecting the fit on this pattern!

All the garment lengths and all the sleeve lengths were tested.

Ezy T hip WW by Julie Helmer ezy t ld mimi james2 Ezy T les cheries pam ray Ezy T ls low hip H4h Dana ezy t short tunic WW Dana Ezy T tunic by Kel ezy t h4h horse jane ezy t ww natashas gifts2 Ezy T hip length WW natasahas gifts ezy t ww jennifer chrispell

A variety of fabrics were used. Those are just a few of our pics!

You’re all set for success!

Here’s the link if you’d like to take a look:

JCD Ezy T Squirts and Darlings

As always, my endless thanks to my faithful pattern testers.

They make it all happen!

Please see the pattern for their names and shop names and consider purchasing from them if you’re not inclined to sew it all yourself!

4 thoughts on “Ezy T Squirts and Darlings pattern available NOW!

  1. jane Murriner

    Do you have or know of someone that has a good, simple panty pattern that covers the rear for an 18″ doll? Thanks

    1. Jane Post author

      That’s a great question, Jane! yes, I know of a few. I stitch mostly modern garments. Modern girls, and their modern dolls, seem to prefer bikini’s or at least skimpier undies than those of years ago. I love the camisole and undie pattern from Erin Hentzel’s latest pattern book ‘Doll Days’. You’ll need to use fold over elastic for this set. I was very impressed with the look and fit on this set, which was the first I had made. The fabric I used is a cotton/Lycra Jersey knit. I DO feel that a good fabric choice makes a difference with panties. That little bit of Lycra in the fabric blend helps those panties fit beautifully! I Have also heard rave reviews of the Love You Bunches panty pattern which you can find on Pixie Faire. No photo on that one, as I have not personally made them. I HAVE seen lots of cute ones, and the pattern is very popular. Because my dolls are mostly fit models they don’t always wear panties! lol. (sorry, I cannot seem to tell how to add a photo to a comment here!)


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