Problem Solving – too big/poor fabric choice

So, you start with a pattern:

simp 4786

Simplicity 4786

And an idea, the coat shown in the middle.

Of course I didn’t want to use fleece

I had this cool eye-lash fabric in a tie-dyed yellow/pink blend.

I should have known it didn’t have the necessary body.

When it was finished it was

Really Sad

Completely limp

Un-wearable…as a coat!


what if it wasn’t a coat?

Here’s where you’re standing at

the proverbial fork in the road

I could just decide to scrap it…

or figure out how it might be salvaged

I got out a doll and grabbed my pins

I discovered that by wrapping a good portion the bodice to one side…


it made a rather nice little wrap dress

Adding a satin belt with a  sheer floral accent I had saved from an old t-shirt

and the final garment was really outstanding!


all of this to say:

Don’t allow your original vision to cloud

your ability to see new possibilities

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